WINNER’s Seungyoon Explains Why It Was Fate That TREASURE’s Yedam Wrote His Comeback Song “Born To Love You”

It was meant to be.

WINNER‘s Seungyoon made his solo comeback on March 14 with “BORN TO LOVE YOU,” a soulful ballad about a heart-wrenching breakup.

WINNER’s Seungyoon

Prior to the release of his music video, Seungyoon held a live broadcast where he talked about the song. It was inevitable that he mentioned TREASURE‘s Yedam, the lyricist and co-composer of “BORN TO LOVE YOU.”


According to Seungyoon, it was meant to be that they worked together once again. After all, he was the one who previously wrote Yedam’s solo debut song “WAYO.”

Two years ago, I participated as a songwriter and lyricist for the first solo song of TREASURE’s Yedam, ‘WAYO.’

— Seungyoon

Released in 2020, it was likewise a ballad that showed off the younger singer’s heartfelt vocals.

It was almost as if Yedam came to repay the favor by writing Seungyoon’s current title track!

For ‘BORN TO LOVE YOU,’ Yedam co-wrote the song and the lyrics.

— Seungyoon

WINNER’s main vocalist expressed his heartfelt gratitude for Yedam’s support.

I’d like to thank him once more. Yedam, thank you!

— Seungyoon

Check out the “BORN TO LOVE YOU” music video below.

Source: Korea Times and Twitter