WINNER Sells Out Tickets For Upcoming Concert, Plans To Release Additional Tickets

Both the group and fans have been waiting a long time for this concert.

K-Pop idol group WINNER, who recently announced the dates for their upcoming concert, have sold out tickets for all dates and have decided to release additional limited-view seats, thanks to the overwhelming support from fans.

The concert, WINNER 2022 CONCERT [THE CIRCLE], will be held on April 30 and May 1 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Tickets sold out right after ticket sales began, and requests poured out from fans requesting additional seats to open. 

As this is their first concert with all members in almost two years, fans have been waiting a long time for this event. Due to this, they have decided to open the limited-view seats to the fans. The tickets will open on April 11 at 6 PM KST through Auction Tickets and will be sold at a 20% discount, due to the limited view compared to regular seat tickets.

Source: osen