WINNER’s Mino Performs in a Neck Brace Due To Herniated Disc, Touching Fans With His Dedication

We wish Song Mino a speedy recovery!

WINNER fans attending the South Korean WATERBOMB 2018 festival looked forward to seeing the members on stage again. So when Mino appeared with a neck brace, it immediately grabbed the fans’ attention and made them full of worry.


Prior to performing, WINNER shared that Mino hurt himself a bit.

“We really looked forward to having a blast today, but Mino has a herniated disc in his neck. His condition relapsed. He’ll still try his best, but we do hope you understand.”


A herniated disc in the neck means a disc has been damaged and is likely irritating the nerves in the neck, causing pain or numbness around the neck, shoulders, and arms.


Even with the brace, WINNER’s Song Mino got soaking wet and gave his best for the performances of the group’s hit songs, “REALLY REALLY”, “ISLAND”, and “EVERYD4Y”.


YG Entertainment confirmed Song Mino is continuing treatment for the disc herniation.

“For a while now, Song Mino has been in physical therapy for the herniated disc in his neck. It was getting better bit by bit, but he relapsed. He went to see the doctor.”

— YG Entertainment 


With the news of his current condition, fans became more than grateful for Song Mino’s dedication to performing regardless to his physical state. Tweets of Song Mino having fun, rocking even a neck brace in style, with the rest of WINNER members have begun trending #WetWINNER and fans absolutely adore the soaking sexiness!


Here’s a video of WINNER’s best moments at the WATERBOMB festival, for our vicarious living needs: