WINNER Take The Top Spot On Worldwide Trends Despite All Their Worries

They had nothing to be worried about!

WINNER is here to snatch wigs with their latest comeback!

On October 23, the group made their comeback with their third mini-album “CROSS” and title track “SO SO”.

They held a press conference at the Cheongdam CGV Cinecity to celebrate their comeback, and covered many topics like why Kang Seung Yoon refuses to check charts for this comeback, the meaning of the title song, etc.


One topic that came up was their worries about the comeback releasing amidst the controversies surrounding YG Entertainment. Kang Seung Yoon spoke up, revealing that he had many worries during the preparation period


To be honest, saying that we didn’t have a hard time would be a lie. There were so many articles and reactions from different people, so it was hard for us. But we were also able to meet fans through many opportunities, like college festivals and other events, so we were able to heal ourselves through these things. We were able to hang on and prepare well while thinking of giving our fans a good impression of us by working hard on our next album.


WINNER also revealed that since this album came after Yang Hyun Suk‘s resignation from the company, they were extremely worried about this comeback as they had nowhere to get feedback and help from, and had to make many decisions by themselves, as a team.

Despite the worries and reservations of the members, as soon as the MV and album dropped, WINNER began to trend online, with the following hashtags:



With fans from all over the world trending these hashtags, #WINNER_SOSO soon took over the top spot of Twitter’s Worldwide Trends, and #WINNER_CROSS followed in at NO. 3.


Fans have been extremely excited about the comeback and have been showering the group with love and support:


Congratulations, WINNER!