WINNER wraps up WWIC; announces preparation for second album

WINNER completed their fan meet conference tour on February 22nd in Japan, and have announced that they will be preparing at full-force for their second album!

WWIC 2015 is a unique project that is close to the band’s heart as the members each took part in brainstorming ideas for the branding and promotion of the event. This project, which had WINNER’s special interest and affection, established their presence as a group in Korea, China, and Japan.

The rookie group launched their WWIC 2015 (Worldwide Inner Circle Conference) showcase tour in January with stops in China, one in Seoul, and three more in Japan. WINNER demonstrated their international popularity as they drew in 13,500 fans in China and 10,000 more in Seoul. They then met with 8,000 fans in Japan bringing their total up to 31,500 attendees, a strong indication of the popularity of YG Entertainment‘s newest group.

As their title states, WINNER met with fans in a conference type of format as they spent time with fans by discussing WINNER’s past as well as plans for the future and played mini-games as fans had the chance to interact with the group. For example, in Seoul, fans and WINNER engaged in a snowball fight, while WINNER dressed up as girls in Japan much to the delight and entertainment of fans. Member Nam Taehyun even revealed a hidden talent as he transformed into a DJ to perform a set for fans.

After wrapping up their conference on February 22nd in Tokyo, Japan, WINNER has announced that they will be committing themselves completely to preparing their second album and new comeback!

Source: YG Entertainment