WINNER Talks About YG Entertainment And Seungri’s Scandal During Recent Interview

“It was a chaotic situation but…”

On May 16, WINNER held an interview for their new mini album, WE, and talked about YG Entertainment‘s situation and Seungri‘s scandal.

WINNER has made a comeback in a state of confusion due to issues related to YG Entertainment and Seungri’s scandal.


In response to the issue, Seungyoon stated that while it was a chaotic situation, the issue did not affect their work and they did their best to show their fans the music they’ve been working on more quickly.

It was a chaotic situation but because we work on our own album, it did not affect us very much. Rather than receiving emotional stress, we focused on working (on our music) so that we can quickly show our music to our fans.

ㅡ Seungyoon


He further explained that they were not instructed to do anything or were not pressured in particular from above.

Amid the confusing situation, we did not receive any particular instructions. We were told, ‘You guys just need to go your way and prepare for your fans.’ We were able to focus only on our work. We were able to make a comeback because there was no pressure.

ㅡ Seungyoon


Seungyoon also mentioned that Yang Hyun Suk was supportive of their work and expressed gratitude for his support.

Producer Yang Hyun Suk’s reaction was good. He complimented us in that the four tracks we released as new songs were different styles and said this was good. We have a group chat where we share results and even today, he said, ‘It looks like we’re seeing good results thanks to your effort,’ so we are very thankful.

ㅡ Seungyoon


WINNER’s new album was released at 6 pm (KST) on May 15th and they are set to begin promotions. Check out their new music video below:

Source: Joy News 24