WINNER’s Yoon Earns Praise For His Professionalism After Injuring Himself On Stage

Wishing Yoon a speedy recovery!

After their last release in 2020, WINNER recently came back with their long-awaited fourth mini-album, HOLIDAY.

(From left to right) WINNER’s Yoon, Jinu, Hoony, and Mino | @winnercity/Instagram

After the mini-album was released, it topped the iTunes Worldwide Album chart in 18 countries. 

To celebrate their comeback, the group held a countdown live, and live guerilla concert, HOLIDAY IN THE CITY, in Seoul.

During the show, they treated fans to performances of both recent and older songs, including “Really Really,” “Empty,” and “I LOVE U.”

About midway through their performance, the group sang a remixed version of their hit song “Everyday.” While dancing to the music, WINNER’s Yoon twisted his ankle. A fan caught the moment on camera; the video showed Yoon quickly playing it off.

After they performed “Everyday,” the group took a break to chat with the audience. Fans began noticing that Yoon was limping; he even reached down to grab his ankle.

Despite the pain he was in, Yoon continued with the show, even joining his fellow group members for a three-song encore.

Offstage, Yoon struggled to put weight on his ankle, getting assistance from team members. This didn’t stop Yoon from smiling and waving to his loving fans.

After the show, fans took to Twitter to wish WINNER‘s leader a speedy recovery. Along with their well-wishes, they praised Yoon for his professionalism and hard work despite the injury.

Hopefully, Yoon will be able to rest his ankle and recover quickly!