Here Are The Winners Of The Chinese Version Of Produce 101

Meet the final nine!

With 100 trainees from all over China taking part in Idol Producer, the final nine, as well as their group name have been announced! The group will be debuting with the name Nine Percent. The name actually has a lot of meaning. It’s supposed to represent the 9% of trainees who will be carrying on the dreams and spirit of the other 91% who didn’t make it.


1. Cai Xukun

Cai Xukun showed he’s very popular when he came in first place with over 47 million votes.


His strong visuals and extraordinary popularity make him perfect for the center position.


2. Chen Linong

As the only Taiwanese winner, Chen Linong came in second place with over 20 million votes.


He will be one of the group’s vocalists so everyone can look forward to hearing more of his sweet voice.


3. Fan Chengcheng

With 15.5 million votes the new group snagged their first rapper.


This handsome member managed to maintain his 3rd place position throughout the entire show and many fans are super happy that he is going to debut now!


4. Justin

Many fans are proud of Justin for snagging fourth place with 14.5 million votes.


He will be the group’s second rapper and with his amazing visuals, it’s hard to believe he’s also the youngest member of the group!


5. Lin Yanjun

Coming in at fifth place is Lin Yanjun with 12 million votes.


His immense charms and talents secured him as a vocalist for Nine Percent!


6. Zhu Zhengting

With almost 12 million votes Zhu Zhengting took sixth place.


This charming member impressed with his smooth flows and will be a part of the rapper line.


7. Wang Ziyi

Wang Ziyi secured his spot with 8.5 million votes.


His mad skills made him the group’s fourth rapper and his bad boy look is sure to make some hearts flutter.


8. Xiao Gui

Xiao Gui became Nine Percent’s fifth and final rapper when he got 7.8 million votes.


His sweet smile and awesome rapping skills are sure to capture many people’s attention.


9. You Zhangjing

The oldest and final member to make the cut is You Zhangjing.


This cutey captured the last spot with 7.7 million votes! He impressed everyone with his amazing vocals and will be part of Nine Percent’s vocal lineup.


Welcome, Nine Percent!

Source: Instiz