WINNER’s Jinu Confirmed To Be Enlisting On April 2, Writes Heartfelt Letter To Fans

He won’t be joining promotions for “Hold”.

On March 27, WINNER‘s Jinu was revealed to be enlisting in the military on April 2, which is less than a week from now.

He wrote a heartfelt letter to Inner Circles, confirming the news and wishing them well while he is away.

The letter reads,

Inner Circles exist, so WINNER exists.
Hi all Inner Circles ^_^
Nothing else, just wanted to let Inner Circles know my latest news so I’m here!
Um…I’m enlisting on April 2! ^^
Although I have to leave Inner Circles for a while, I will be on this trip healthily so please do well in your own lives, health is No. 1! I wish that all of you will be well ^^
Compared to other things, being able to offer an album that is like a gift to both Winner and Inner Circles makes me very happy! We prepared this while enjoying every bit of it. I’m blessed to be able to listen to it with Inner Circles.
We still have a lot of good times ahead, so we have to smile and be happy!
Although I am unable to show my feelings with the same level of love I’ve received, in my heart, no matter when, Inner Circles will always be No. 1! You know it right? Hehe.
Now to my dongsaengs who are my real brothers, I’ve always been very thankful, and I love you guys! <3
No matter when and where, our Inner Circles are always our pillars!
I will go on this trip well! I’ll entrust my dongsaengs ^^
After we finish this, we will meet again! You must take care and stay healthy! I love you all from the bottom of my heart <3

– Jinu

The news comes only a day after WINNER released their single “Hold”. As such, Jinu will be unable to join the other members for promotions.

Jinu will reportedly enlist as a public service worker after undergoing basic training. He will be discharged on January 1, 2022.

Best of luck, Jinu!

Source: Naver