WINNER’s Jinu Thanks Mino For His Unbreakable Friendship And Support While Featuring In Jinu’s Solo Debut

Jinu will make his solo debut on August 14, 2019

WINNER’s Jinu is set to make his solo debut on August 14, 2019 with the lead single “Call Anytime”.

The single will also feature rapping from his fellow member Mino.

It is widely expected that Jinu’s soothing vocals and Mino’s rapping talent will combine for a phenomenal song.

While discussing his solo debut in an interview with Naver, Jinu revealed that he had to acknowledge how much Mino had helped him while he was preparing for the song.

I really want to say thank you to Minho, who worked very hard on my first solo title track

When asked about having a fellow member feature on his title track, Jinu answered that it was his own choice to have Mino rapping.

Jinu discussed that during his solo debut, he still wanted to be known as a member of WINNER, a group that he has a lot of pride for.

Even with Mino’s rap, Jinu highlighted that the title track would still provide ample opportunity to showcase his talent as a solo artist.

I think I’d be thankful if I could be recognized as WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo, as well as the various charms I’ll have as a solo artist.

Mino has consistently shown his love and support for his fellow members.

He even wrote “Her”, purely because he felt that it would be the perfect song for a Jinu solo, but Jinu urged Mino to use the song for his own solo album That XX.

The reason why Mino has constantly supported his fellow members, including Jinu, is because of his genuine friendship, to the point where he considers the WINNER members as “brothers”.

“I tell my friends this too. That we’re like brothers. Without sharing how we’re doing, we’re always just next to each other every day as something that’s a given; they make me feel at ease and they’re comforting, I feel like they’re on my side.”

Meanwhile, WINNER’s leader Seungyoon has also shown his support for Jinu, comparing the song to “honey” which is synonymous for something that is perfect and amazing.

Since their debut, the WINNER members have consistently shown themselves as a group that genuinely loves and cares for each other.

And fans know that that has never changed, even after all these years.