WINNER’s Mino Reveals How He Has Been Focusing On His Mental Wellbeing

His words were very encouraging for fans to read

While we know how hard idols work and commit to showcasing their best selves, fans can’t help but be concerned about their idols’ mental health.

There have been countless instances where numerous idols have discussed their problems with their self-worth and their mental health.

WINNER’s Song Mino has been one of many idols who have been open about his struggles with panic disorder.

Previously, Mino has revealed on “Human Intelligence” that he suffered from severe panic episodes particularly in the first half of 2018, while he was working on his debut solo album “XX”.

Already being under pressure to meet his own artistic expectations, Mino revealed on “Human Intelligence” that a lot of circumstances piled up that affected his mental health.

In particular, Mino was accused of following a controversial Instagram page and as an idol, he felt the pressure of constantly having to keep up a good public appearance.

Reassuringly, Mino revealed on the same show that he was focusing on his mental health and had been connecting with other people who had gone through the same experience.

Recently, Mino posted a photo on Instagram that showed fans how he was focusing on improving his mindset and perspective.

Mino revealed several sticky notes that he had been writing messages to himself.

Let’s dislike it. Things you don’t like.

Let’s hurt. Don’t hold it in.

Let’s be honest. Don’t hide things.

Let’s love. Everything.

More than anyone else, let’s take care of myself first.


Fans have praised Mino for being open with his personal discovery, especially considering that other people may be going through what he has gone through and these words can be reassuring for them as well.

In particular, it is clear from the message that Mino has been constantly encouraging himself to stay true and honest to himself. Rather than bottle up his feelings, he has been more frank and open about his personal vulnerabilities and his path to fulfilment.

But most importantly, Mino’s message finishes off with highlighting that he needs to first and foremost take care of himself.

It is true that many idols don’t spend the time and energy to focus on themselves when they dedicate so much of their lives to other people.

But Mino’s message reassures us that it’s okay to take time off for ourselves because what matters is our own wellbeing and satisfaction.

Many Inner Circles have noticed significant changes in Mino’s openness and maturity over the past year, especially in his debut solo album where he discusses much of his personal experiences.

Although WINNER are currently busy with promoting their latest comeback “Ah Yeah”, Mino reassures fans that even when things get busy or even overwhelming, self-satisfaction and peace of mind should always come first.