WINNER’s Mino Shows His Kind-Hearted Personality Through His Love And Respect For His Senior SECHSKIES’ Jiwon

Mino was the most successful fanboy thanks to his warm nature

WINNER’s Mino has been appearing alongside labelmate and sunbaenim SECHSKIES’ Jiwon on New Journey to the West for several seasons now, as well as the spin-off series Kang’s Kitchen which has been a television hit in Korea.

Jiwon first debuted in 1997, when Mino was only a child, and has had a successful solo career focusing on hip-hop.

Mino had idolised the leader of SECHSKIES for many years and he turned out to be the most successful fanboy when he became friends with Jiwon.

Thanks to starring on the same television programs, Mino and Jiwon have developed a close friendship and have shown how deeply they care for each other.

This was clearly shown when it was announced that Jiwon would be making a solo comeback on June 27, 2019 and his lead single would be produced by none other than Mino.

On Radio Star, Jiwon revealed that he was worried about whether he could keep up with the current trends in music with his solo album.

However, Mino was more than eager to help Jiwon and provided him with much support and guidance.

Mino revealed that he had so much fun working with Jiwon on his solo album. He stated that not only did he help Jiwon with the lead single, but also with another song, although the two weren’t sure if it would be released.

In turn, Jiwon revealed that his favourite juniors are the members of WINNER, constantly recommending them on shows.

Fellow castmember on New Journey to the WestSuper Junior’s Kyuhyun pressed Jiwon on why he had such a soft spot for Mino on the show.

Jiwon confessed that when Mino started appearing on New Journey to the West, he was the only member who didn’t have a lot of experience with variety. Because of this, Jiwon felt inclined to be affectionate with his hoobae and give him constant guidance and encouragement.

Undoubtedly, this would have affirmed Mino’s admiration for one of his favourite celebrities.

The two have garnered much attention as New Journey to the West is one of the most popular and successful shows in South Korea.

Viewers have not only been praising Mino for his respectful nature towards his senior, but also Jiwon for being so friendly and kind-hearted with his fellow labelmate.

It is clear that Jiwon treats Mino like a little brother, even calling him over to drink beer together while they waited for their cookies to get baked in the oven on Kang’s Kitchen.

It is apparent that both Mino and Jiwon are kind-hearted men who constantly look out for each other and give each other support.

The whole K-Pop industry wouldn’t be the same without these sunbaenim-hoobae friendships.

Both Mino and Jiwon know that they can always depend on each other for encouragement and friendship.