The Real Reason WINNER’s Mino Is Disappointed He Has A “YG Face” Not An “SM Face”

Netizens couldn’t disagree more with Mino!

Each K-Pop company has its own unique characteristics, whether it’s being known for singing, dancing, visuals, or being all-rounders. When it comes to YG Entertainment, the company is known for its hip-hop vibes and high-quality rappers. Yet, every idol has their pros and cons about being in their company.

One person who recently shared their sadness for his “YG” label is WINNER‘s Mino, especially when it comes to his visuals.


Since debuting in WINNER in 2013, Mino has gained attention for his amazing on-stage presence and charming personality.


Yet, he is also extremely handsome and has caught the attention of netizens for his unique visuals that work perfectly with his charisma, alongside the fact he’s also an amazing artist in every way.

| @realllllmino/Instagram
| @realllllmino/Instagram

Well, it seems as if despite fans worldwide always sharing their love for Mino and his visuals, he doesn’t feel the same.

To celebrate their recent comeback, WINNER appeared on 1theK‘s IDDP series where they searched their names on the internet and reacted to all the content.

During the video, when it came to Jinu, they read about the fact that wherever they go, he is always picked as the most handsome member of the group. According to the description, which is hard to refute, they have called him a true “Face genius.”

In particular, Jinu read different nicknames that were associated with his visuals, and one that stuck out the most was, “The face that Lee Soo Man would clap for.” It was referring to the CEO of SM Entertainment and the fact that he would be considered a visual fit for the company.

Hoony then joked that the comment must mean that the perception of visuals for YG Entertainment isn’t as positive. He started by saying, “But thinking of this ‘SM face,’ it means that YG [Entertainment]’s singers have a bit of…” before Yoon finished and said YG’s singers have “poor appearance.”

Putting his arm around Mino, Hoony joked, “What about the rest of us?” 

What was even funnier was after reading the comment, Mino demanded, “Report this article.” While Hoony tried to share his love for the other idols, adding, “Of course, I also like SM idols and know that they’re handsome and pretty,” Mino had the best reaction to the comment…

Before moving on to the next comment, Mino added, “I’m YG face, you know,” before showing a disappointed face.

Although Mino says he has a “YG face,” it is far from an insult as the company has as many visuals and good-looking members as any other K-Pop agency. YG Entertainment is truly full of visuals, whether it’s talking about WINNER themselves or BLACKPINK, iKON, and TREASURE.

The members of BLACKPINK
The members of iKON | YG Entertainment
The members of TREASURE | YG Entertainment

After almost a decade in the K-Pop industry, WINNER has proved that they continue to be fan favorites because of their talent, personalities, and visuals. All idols are truly visuals and Mino shouldn’t be disappointed because whether it’s YG, SM, or JYP, everyone is unique and good-looking in their own way.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 1thek/YouTube