Winners of the “13th Korean Music Awards”

The 13th Korean Music Awards recently took place on February 29th at 7pm KST at the Guro Art Valley Art Theater.

Releases between December 1, 2014 and November 30, 2015 were eligible with a committee compromising of pop critics, media reporters, broadcast PDs, and more for a total of 69 officials who participated in the prize criteria.

There were four categories with a total of 27 prizes.

Check out the winner’s list below:

▲Best Modern Rock Song – Hyukoh ‘Comes and Goes’
▲Best Modern Rock Album – THE KOXX ‘The New Normal’

▲Best Rap&Hip-Hop Song – Deepflow ‘Jakdu (작두)’
▲Best Rap&Hip-Hop Album – E-Sens ‘The Anecdote

▲Best Folk Song – Kwon Na Mu ‘이천십사년 사월’
▲Best Folk Album – Kim Sa Wol ‘Suzanne’

▲Best Rock Album – Method ‘앱스트랙트(Abstract)’

▲Best Jazz&Crossover Performance – Jo Eung Min ‘Oriental Fairytale’
▲Best Jazz&Crossover Jazz Album – Lee Bu Young ‘Little Star’
▲Best Jazz&Crossover Crossover Album – NEQ ‘패싱 오브 일루젼(Passing of Illusion)’

▲Best Dance&Electronic Music – Flash Flood Darlings ‘Byul (Star)’
▲Best Dance&Electronic Album – Trampauline ‘마지날(MARGINAL)’

▲Committee Choice – Park Jae Cheon

▲Best Pop Song – BIGBANG ‘Loser’
▲Best Pop Album – Ravie Nuage ‘Spring Time’

▲Best R&B & Soul Song – DEAN ‘Pour Up’
▲Best R&B & Soul Album – Samuel Seo

▲Best Rock Song – Lowdown 30 ‘HOTTER’
▲Best Rock Album – The Monotones ‘Into The Night’

▲Achievement Awards – Kim Hee Gab

▲Netizen Choice for Musician of the Year – Park Jin Young
▲Netizen Choice for Musician of the Year – IU
▲Netizen Choice for Musician of the Year – BIGBANG

▲Rookie of the Year – hyukoh

▲Song of the Year – BIGBANG ‘Bae Bae’
▲Musician of the Year – Deepflow
▲Album of the Year – E-Sens

Source: OSEN