WINNER’s Seunghoon Appearing on KBS “Dancing High” Leads To Speculation KBS and YG Finally Made Up

Could the “beef” finally be over?

Long-time fans of YG Entertainment groups such as BIGBANG and 2NE1 will know that YG Entertainment and KBS have not always gotten along with each other. However times may be changing, as WINNER‘s Seunghoon has been confirmed to appear as a dance coach in KBS’s new variety Dancing High.


Since 2009, there has been conflict between YG Artists and KBS, from KBS writers publicly criticizing YG’s policies to KBS not allowing YG Artists’ tracks to be played on broadcast due to G-Dragon missing a KBS schedule.


YG Entertainment has also not allowed their artists to appear on KBS music shows as their groups would not be given fair treatment, whether it was being allowed to perform multiple songs during a comeback stage or give their artists the #1 trophy.


Up until today, YG artists were rarely seen on KBS programs, and if they were, it would only be on You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Their artists would receive #1 trophies on Music Bank, but they would not physically be there to perform most of the time.


With the news of WINNER’s Seunghoon joining Dancing High as a mentor, fans are hoping this is the start of a new relationship between the two Korean Entertainment powerhouses.


Seunghoon joins Highlight‘s Kikwang, Hoya, dance crew Just Jerk, and 1MILLION Dance Studio’s Lia Kim as the coaches for this show, scheduled to air in September.