WINNER’s Seungyoon Commented on a Fan’s Cover and His Reaction is Exactly What You’d Expect

WINNER‘s Kang Seungyoon noticed a fan’s cover of their latest track “FOOL” and started this adorable idol-fan interaction.

Youtuber Janethan regularly uploads covers, original songs, and reaction videos for his 8666 subscribers and recently got the best thing a fan could ask for when WINNER’s Seungyoon gave his cover a shoutout on his personal Instagram. Janethan made an English version of WINNER’s latest song “FOOL”, which caught the attention of Kang Seungyoon who complimented the performance and lyrics.

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Janethan saw the post and commented on it, resulting in even more attention from Seungyoon, who personally responded to the singer/songwriter.

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Janethan even reacted on his personal Twitter account tweeting his shock and amazement at being recognized by his idol.

There is surely nothing better than being recognized as an artist by someone you respect.

Check out Janethan’s amazing English cover of “FOOL” below!