WINNER’s Yoon Brought To Hospital Following Neck Injury

He is currently focusing on treatment.

WINNER, who was scheduled to perform a live broadcast on SBSInkigayo, will no longer be performing.

According to YG Entertainment, Yoon (full name Kang Seungyoon) was suffering from a slipped disk in the neck during rehearsals. He was transferred to a nearby hospital.

Despite how the WINNER member wanted to go on stage to perform for the fans, he was advised by the agency and staff to rest and concentrate on treatment.

He has since apologized to the fans, feeling regretful that he couldn’t meet the fans as a member of WINNER. He promises to take better care of himself so fans can see him healthy agency.

YG Entertainment has also released a statement,

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Winner will not be able to perform on SBS’ Inkigayo’s live broadcast this afternoon.

Kang Seungyoon was suffering from a slipped disk in the neck while waiting for rehearsal and was transferred to a nearby hospital’s emergency room.

Kang Seungyoon had a strong desire to go on stage to keep the promise he made to the fans, but decided to focus on treatment per the suggestion of the agency and staff.

We decided that it was best to concentrate on treatement to not make the pain any worse.

We are sorry to the fans and viewers who waited for the live broadcast of WINNER today, and we will make sure to return with a recovered Kang Seungyoon.

Thank you for understanding.



Source: Naver