Winwin Unexpectedly Shocks WayV With This Heartwarming Yet Simple Gesture

The other WayV members were so touched by this

Winwin has traditionally been seen as an introverted person of few words.

Regardless, he is also one of the most loveable idols, with his cuteness and charisma having all of his members fall for his charms.

This is true for WayV where the other members are happy to express their love and appreciation of Winwin.

Yet, what they weren’t expecting was that Winwin wanted to return the favour.

During WayV’s reality show Dream Plan, Winwin sneakily wrote on the palms of his hands with a sweet message.

He wanted to see how long it took before the other WayV members would realise what he wrote and be curious about the message.

And Winwin could have gotten away with his secret message of affection, if it wasn’t for Lucas spotting some Chinese characters on one of his palms.

Noticing what was going on, Lucas tried to open Winwin’s clenched fist to read the full message.

Finally, all the other members were able to read what Winwin had written down.

WayV, I love you guys!

When WayV saw this, they were absolutely shocked!

While they knew Winwin appreciated being in the group, they never thought that Winwin would go out of his way to write a sentimental message showing his love for them.

The leader Kun was left speechless, thinking that maybe Winwin was actually full of surprises.

This kid, he usually doesn’t say these sentimental or even cheesy kind of stuff, and at the time he wrote “I love you, WayV”. His heart, really …

Lucas, who was the one who unveiled the message, also revealed how pleasantly surprised he was that Winwin who openly make such a sweet gesture, but he appreciated it very much.

I was really touched, I didn’t think he’d be like this, writing this …

Winwin acknowledged that while he isn’t really the type of person to do conspicuous expressions of affection, he really wanted to show how much the other members mean to him.

Their presence brings me a lot of reassurance

It was clear that Winwin’s message of love really inspired the other WayV members and shows just how close they really are.

While the WayV members already know how much Winwin cares for them, it looks like there are going to be more surprises along the way!