BTS’s Jungkook Melts Fans’ Hearts With His Sweet Reply Of What Brings Him Joy

ARMYs are always his number one priority.

On February 24 at 2 PM KST, BTS held an online global press conference to answer questions regarding their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. Before addressing the questions sent in by foreign press and media, each of the members chose a keyword from the screen and answered questions regarding the word. Golden maknae Jungkook chose the word ‘2020’ and received the question of:

You’re often asked ”what’s next?” so instead, what are you focused on right now? What is currently bringing you the most joy?

-Refinery29/ Natalie Morin

Jungkook was prepared to answer the question as he knew right away what the answer would be.

I see that there are two questions. I think I can answer both questions with one answer. The answer is ARMY. All the valuable moments and the reason we are at the position we are now is all because of ARMYs. We started off 2020 by performing at the Grammys and that too was all because of our ARMY. I say this every time but I am truly thankful to all our fans for all that you do.

He also expressed his excitement to be able to meet with ARMYs all over the world this upcoming spring.

We are also preparing for our concerts and world tour starting in April. I can’t wait to perform all our new songs live for our fans and I think a lot of our fans are also looking forward to it. We are also excited for it as well and I hope that we can safely prepare and perform our concert soon.

Fans can always count on Jungkook as he always puts ARMYs first. He even revealed in his thank you message for the album that he plans to focus on ARMY to repay the love he has received.

Watch the full conference below!