Here Are Some Wise Words From BTS’s Suga To The Youth On Life Struggles

Suga knows a thing or two about this thing called life.

Although BTS’s Suga may seem intimidating and sharp on stage, he is actually someone who does not hold any prejudice and accepts everyone’s differences.

Here are some wise words from Suga to the youth who are currently struggling through life.

When was the most anxious moment in your life and how did you overcome it?

We have no choice but to be anxious at every moment. It is because we are not perfect. I just do what I have to do in silence. Anxiety and loneliness is something that we have deal with forever. It is the way we solve these things that holds meaning and is something we have to study our whole life.

— Suga, Yeonhap News Interview 2018

Our situation and emotions are different at every moment, and working out these problems is what we call life. So through this interview I’d like to tell everyone that I am anxious too and so are you so let’s find and study this together.

— Suga, Yeonhap News Interview 2018

In BTS’s newest album BE, the album making book included a message from Suga.

Your emotions will catch it first and bother you. When a thought is planted, you will not be able to stop the full bloom of growing anxiety. Depression is a momentary emotion. Burn the anxiety in full bloom. That is the most like me.

— Suga, BTS ‘BE’ Album Making Book

I am a high school student and I am worried because I don’t have any dreams yet.

Well, that’s something you can think about slowly. Don’t worry about it too much. You might not have any dreams. Just because everyone has dreams and are finding their dreams doesn’t mean that you have to. Just live the way you want to. When I was younger, I thought ‘How can you not have any dreams?’, but as I grew older I realized that not everyone is like me. I thought that everyone was the same, but everyone is actually very different.

— Suga, V Live

| @esquire/Instagram

He previously revealed his favorite lyrics on Twitter and gave strength to those having a hard time.

‘Live the way you want, it’s yours any way. Don’t try too hard, it’s ok to lose.’ This is my favorite lyric out of all our songs. These are the words that I’d like to say to us, the ones that had to work hard since our school days. It’s all ours anyway! Fighting everyone!

⁠— Suga

I’ve given up on my dream.

I’m not sure of the details, but I believe that that it probably took a great deal of courage to do that. To give up body takes tremendous courage. You did great. Fighting.

⁠— Suga, Honey FM V Live Radio

How did you endure the hard times?

When it’s difficult…well I think it’s different for every person but I don’t think there is an answer. Just pushing through is winning. This may sound simple and very insincere, but I think this is the answer. As time passes, this will just become a fun memory. I think just holding on is the answer.

⁠— Suga, V Live

Suga uses his life experiences and struggles and shares them with the world through his music as a way to help those in similar situations or in need of hope.