Wiz Khalifa Under Fire For Racist Line Against Koreans In His Latest Song

“So you don’t want to be discriminated against for being black, but it’s okay to be racist to Koreans?”

Wiz Khalifa has gained a substantial amount of fans in Korea, especially since his original soundtrack “See You Again” for the movie Furious 7.

In fact, Wiz Khalifa sold out his Seoul concert tickets and wowed the South Korean hiphop fans with his performances.


Unfortunately, Korean fans aren’t impressed with the rapper’s latest album, especially the track “Hot Now”, because of the problematic lyrics that go, “Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean.”

Korean fans believe this is blatant racism.


The comments section of the official track video on YouTube is now filled with angry Koreans leaving equally racist remarks, in response to the rapper’s reference to “Korean” eyes.

  • “Say no to racism.”

  • “Oh you f*cked up big time.”

  • “So you don’t want to be discriminated against for being black, but it’s okay to be racist to Koreans?”

  • “Don’t you dare ever speak of black rights again. You’re a racist, you don’t get to talk about rights.”

  • “Koreans are aggressive, n*gga. Don’t mess, you won’t be able to handle.”

  • “Smoke doesn’t make you look like BTS. You just look like an uneducated chimpanzee.”

  • “I don’t know if you guys notice but all the Korean commenters here are clearly offended. As a Korean-American I won’t lie I’m slightly offended. If any of us Koreans said some sort of racist thing to black people they would be attacking us like wolves… Maybe your Korean friends joke about it and are completely fine with this but clearly most of the Koreans living in Korea isn’t. Please think about this.”


Some fans tried to defend Wiz Khalifa by explaining that the rapper must have mentioned it as most Koreans are indeed often characterized by smaller eyes, therefore not quite racism. This “logic” received tremendous backfire as well.

  • “Oh okay. Then since African Americans are always characterized by darker skin, I can say that the sun got my skin lookin’ like a Black folk, right?”

  • “Black people do not feel bad = That is not racism. Black people feel bad = That is racism.”

  • “The sunlight got my skin lookin’ n*gga.”

  • “Nope. I actually have thick double eyelids. My eyes are probably bigger than Wiz’s. So no. This doesn’t work out like that. What he did was a racist move, period.”

  • “I’m Korean but I have huge eyes. What now?”


Of course, the stir-up has even brought back the 2016 MAMA incident that Wiz Khalifa had with Taeyeon.

[★EXCLUSIVE] Here’s what really happened between Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa at MAMA 2016


The rapper is yet to respond to the growing criticism. Meanwhile, Korean fans continue to demand some sort of apology or feedback from Wiz Khalifa.

Listen to the track here:

Source: THEQOO