WJSN’s Bona Surprised When She Related To Her Character In “Twenty Five Twenty One”, Here’s Why

It doesn’t happen very often!

WJSN‘s Bona talked about her recent role in the trending K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One, and revealed an interesting fact about herself as an actress!

Bona | @bn_95819/Instagram

Bona recently sat down for an interview with Allure Korea on their Youtube channel, where she talked about her members, her recent acting project, and more!

She answered questions sent in by fans, and one of the questions was about how similar she is to the character she played on Twenty Five Twenty One!

How similar is Bona to Yu Rim [her character]?

Bona revealed that she thought she had around 70% similarity to Yu Rim! She also shared that normally, she doesn’t see many similarities between herself and her characters, but Yu Rim spoke out to her so much that she saw herself in practically every scene!

I would say 70%? I think 70% is really high. Actually, when acting, it’s rare for my personality to show…but a lot of the lines were quite similar to my feelings, so…70%?


Bona did an amazing job on the show, and was an absolute natural as Yu Rim!

Watch her talk about it here!

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