WJSN’s Unit CHOCOME Is Reinventing Stage Outfits And They’re Killing It

These girls have done nothing but slay all year!

Last October, the first subunit of 13-member girl group  WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), CHOCOME, made their debut with the title track “Hmph!” Comprised of four members, Luda, Soobin, Dayoung, and Yeoreum, the unit boasts and charming and upbeat vibe. Recently, they came back with their second title, “Super Yuppers,” and fans are noticing how impeccably their stage outfits are always styled. Take, for example, these adorable pastel gingham sets that look straight out of a dreamy version of Clueless.

Luda, Yeoreum, Soobin, and Dayoung (from left to right) | @WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter

It’s no secret that K-Pop stylists play a huge role in helping idols look good on stage, but the stylists for WJSN CHOCOME are certainly going above and beyond. Although extremely coordinated stage outfits have become less common in recent years, each of CHOCOME’s ensembles are coordinated perfectly with the group look in mind, making all four girls appear as a stunning match set.

Even beyond that, fans can’t help but notice how everything the group wears looks terrific on them. One ensemble that’s especially beloved are these adorably fuzzy heart corsets paired with miniskirts.

The outfits in the Tweet above also received a little extra buzz for another reason: The girls were styled in custom corsets from the Ozlana New Era Collection! Certain items in the collection cost upwards of $1300, so it’s clear the stylists spared no expense.


With a fun, synth-heavy song and such immaculate styling, it’s not wonder fans are loving this era of CHOCOME. Their charming stage outfits complement an already-charming song, allowing the girls to start the year off with a stylish bang. Dressed in all white and fluff, they look like true queens of winter on the stage!

@WJSN_Cosmic on Twitter

Although promotions have already ended for the song, fans can be sure that WJSN CHOCOME will continue to slay the fashion game off the stage as well.


Whether they’re performing as sassy pink cowgirls or dropping jaws in Alice in Wonderland-esque card suits, everyone is sure to eagerly anticipate the unit’s next comeback and all the gorgeous looks that will come along with it!

Source: Twitter

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