WJSN’s Cheng Xiao Spills On NCT Ten’s Real Personality After Working With Him On “Great Dance Crew”

“I don’t know why we got so competitive…”

WJSN‘s main dancer Cheng Xiao recently spilled what she thinks NCT‘s Ten is really like.

Cheng Xiao | @chengxiao_0715/Instagram

As the main dancer of WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), Cheng Xiao competed against Ten as team leaders in Youku‘s Great Dance Crew. Yet, she also got to know him better after they both wowed audiences with an incredible collaboration.

Over the course of their time on Great Dance Crew, Ten and Cheng Xiao naturally got to spend quite a bit of time together. And in a recent interview, Cheng Xiao gave her thoughts on what she’s learned about Ten’s true personality.

While she claims she didn’t know Ten prior to filming the show, she shared that Ten had jokingly asked her if she remembered working with him in the past.


Cheng Xiao didn’t, but Ten had receipts!

Of course, the best way to bond with Ten is by talking about cats, and luckily, Cheng Xiao also happens to be a cat lover. When she was asked if they had exchanged cat ownership tips, she responded that yes, they had—because Ten is constantly talking about his cats… (No surprises there!)

In fact, Cheng Xiao feels that Ten has so many cats that it would be impossible to compete against him for whose cat is cutest.

But it was while rehearsing together that she really got to know him. She revealed that rehearsals with him are actually very exhausting…because it’s easy to get competitive with him. Even when they didn’t plan to go through the whole dance, they still ended up doing it when the music began playing, which shows how passionate Ten really is.

In fact, in a recent live stream Ten’s fellow WayV member, Xiaojun, claimed that Ten really does energize the team in the practice room.

Ultimately, Cheng Xiao feels that Ten is much like a cat: he is a very warm person, although it takes him a little while to warm up to people.

And based on their interactions throughout Great Dance Crew, it really seems like the two struck up an adorable friendship!

Watch their flawless teamwork in their special collaboration stage right here.

And watch Cheng Xiao’s full interview on the link below.

Source: YouTube