WJSN Mei Qi and Xuan Yi’s Dorm For Their Time In Produce 101 Group Rocket Girls Is Basically A Castle

These girls will be living in style!

A few days ago, China’s Produce 101 group Rocket Girls made their official debut. Although they may have just debuted, it seems that no expense was spared for the group’s dorm.

The girls are on the ground floor’s main foyer and just look how impressive it is!


And when we say no expense was spared we really mean it! The palatial building covers over 8,600 square feet and costs a whopping 80,000 yuan (~$12,200) per month to rent!

That means during their 2 years together, the dorm will have cost over $290,000!


While the price tag may seem shocking, it might be because the building shoots past mansion and heads straight for being a castle!

Even the sign welcoming the girls knows what’s up. If that’s really what the whole building looks like, it seriously is a castle!


The girls new home is 3 magnificent stories high and features 3 common rooms, 5 bedrooms, an atrium, kitchen, dining room, foyer, playroom, and even a rooftop garden.


The place comes fully furnished so the girls don’t have to worry about anything!


And while the building is already stunning as it is, the furnishing take things to the next level!

Can’t you just imagine a princess reclining in one of those chairs?


But it’s not just the rooms with furnishings that make this place stand out. Even the kitchen is ridiculously high-end.


The fancy tile work, intricate chandelier, and the glimpse into the lavish dining area have a sort of jaw-dropping effect.


The place is so amazing that even the blurriest of photos leaves you stunned and gives off an extravagant feeling.


So, let’s be honest, this really isn’t a dorm… it’s a castle!

Source: @naturallymeiqi and @rocketgirls101 (1), (2) and (3)

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