WJSN Have Been Crowned The Winners Of Queendom 2, And Wonho Adorably Shared His Support

Congratulations WJSN!!!

The finale of Queendom 2 has finished, with WJSN taking first place. LOONA took second, with VIVIZ coming in third. Still, everyone who participated in this season of Queendom deserves a huge round of applause for their hard work, outstanding performances, and wholesome interactions.

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The girls poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their musical journey from debut until now, and with their finale song “AURA” having been produced and composed by their leader EXY, WJSN’s win was definitely emotional.

Though the final performances have yet to be uploaded onto YouTube, this short clip of WJSN’s performance is enough to see the energy and charisma the girls brought to the stage.

They also brought their journey full circle, ending their last song with the beginning motions of their opening stage of Queendom 2.

During the voting time before the final announcement, several other K-Pop idols shared their support for WJSN on social media.

In particular, fellow labelmate Wonho’s supportive Instagram story post stood out due to the details captured in his screenshot.

Wonho and WJSN have long been open about their friendship, supporting each other on TikTok by filming the cutest challenges. Here’s Wonho supporting WJSN’s subunit, WJSN Chocome‘s song “Super Yuppers!”


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♬ Super Yuppers! – WJSN Chocome

And here’s WJSN member Dayoung doing Wonho’s “Eye On You” challenge. We love a supportive family!



♬ Eye On You (Close-up Ver.) – WONHO

WJSN will be holding their WONDERLAND Concert on June 12th, and we can’t wait to see what more they have in store. Congratulations again to the new queens!

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