WJSN’s Thank You Speech After Winning On M Countdown Will Make You UWU

Congrats, WJSN!

WJSN recently took home their first #1 win on M Countdown with their summer bop “Boogie Up” and while the fans are extremely happy for the girls’ victory, they are ugly crying at the emotional thank you speech that followed.


As soon as their win is announced, WJSN members can be seen jumping up and down in joy. And for their fans, ujungs were also super satisfied to witness the amount of pure excitement from the members!


Eunseo picked up the microphone to thank the fans, friends, and staffs. But she was so flabbergasted that she couldn’t even speak smoothly! Eunseo can be heard constantly screaming and exclaiming, “Oh wow, what do I do!” Fans can’t help but UWU at how completely surprised Eunseo and the rest of the members were!

Uggghhhh! Um, well first… THANK YOU SO MUCH UJUNGS!

— Eunseo


While Eunseo finally pulled herself together and started a series of shoutouts to the fans, family, staff, and her fellow members, the rest of WJSN members are busy each reacting in their own ways. Some were teary eyed…


… while others were about to explode with giddy glee!


All in all, WJSN members were all so overwhelmed by their own victory. They didn’t know how to contain their happiness…

I really want to thank my fellow WJSN members… And I love you, ujungs!

— Seola


… and that level of joy and energy carried through their encore stage too! WJSN’s fans ended up getting emotional at how genuinely happy the members were. All their hard work was paying off and the fans know best how diligent these girls have been!


Watch the full version of this emotional day for WJSN and fans:

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)