WJSN’s Bona And Dayoung Revealed They Ate So Much On Battle Trip It Almost Ruined Their Comeback

The staff thought they lost their minds.

WJSN’s Bona and Dayoung appeared as guests on the July 6th broadcast of Battle Trip and it quickly came to light that they both absolutely love food.

For their trip, Bona and Dayoung went to Goseong County in Gangwon. They ate everything put in front of them and Bona must’ve had every viewer in stitches when she started to lower the zipper on her pants while saying “today I will eat” which greatly alarmed Dayoung: “Unnie, we are in a girl group!”.

Interestingly, while shooting for the introduction of the episode. MC Kim Sook revealed that he had heard that WJSN nearly couldn’t have their comeback because of the Battle Trip episode.

Dayoung gave an explanation for why the trip derailed their plans.

We left for the trip in the middle of comeback preparations and we ate so much that all our plans went awry.

– Dayoung

The staff were amazed by just how much the girls managed to eat, they thought they had lost their minds.

Source: Nate

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