WM Entertainment to debut B1A4’s sister group in April

WM Entertainment has revealed their are preparing to debut B1A4‘s sister girl group this April, joining in the latest trend of girl group debuts. 

According to the agency on February 20th, the girl group will compose of eight members and will debut with a mini-album as early as April. Teasers are scheduled to be published in March, introducing each members of the group to fans ahead of time prior to the group’s full-scale promotions.

The upcoming girl group’s debut mini-album will feature approximately three or four tracks, including the title song. WM Entertainment further reveal that tracks for the mini-album were collected from various composers over the past year.

An official of the music industry revealed, “They are currently struggling in choosing the title track,” further noting that they are preparing hard and full of ambition for their upcoming debut.

The currently unnamed girl group’s members received an average of 3-4 years of training and boast outstanding looks and performance skills.

The K-pop industry recently viewed many hot debuts of new girl groups from some of the top agencies in Korea, including SONAMOO from TS Entertainment, Lovelyz from Woollim Entertainment, and G-Friend from Source Music.

Source: Star News