Woman gets plastic surgery to avoid getting caught for murdering her boyfriend

After murdering her married boyfriend, Kim (42) and her twin reportedly received plastic surgery procedures to avoid getting caught. Under her younger twin’s name, Kim had lived in anonymity for a year before being discovered by the police.

According to the Seoul Mapo Police Station on April 14th, Kim had stabbed her boyfriend (36),  “A, with a lethal weapon last January in her own officetel in Mapo-gu. They had been involved in a secret affair for two years, though an argument had broken out due to A continuously postponing a divorce with his current wife. During the argument, the atmosphere escalated to the point where Kim stabbed A fatally.

The two twins received Botox, fillers, and plastic surgery procedures to mask their true identities. They also used only public phones and cash rather than credit cards to avoid police investigation. However, undercover policemen discovered that the younger twin had registered for gas and cable under her sister’s name, resulting in them being caught and arrested.

The younger twin who aided Kim will not be undergoing the judicial process, according to reports.

Source: No Cut News