Woman Left Unable To Close Her Eyes After Undergoing Two Botched Double Eyelid Surgeries

This is why you should never get more than one double eyelid surgery.

One woman in Hefei, China, encountered her worst nightmare when she realized that she couldn’t fully close her eyelids after two blepharoplasties.

East Asian blepharoplasty, commonly known as “double eyelid surgery” is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

The aspiration for many to have double eyelids to improve their appearances have caused many to seek this procedure to boost their self-esteem.

And like all cosmetic surgeries, this procedure is not without its complications.

The patient, known as “Li,” initially got double eyelid surgery to improve her swollen eyes and make them bigger. However, she ended up being disappointed with the results.

Shortly after her first surgery, she requested for another surgical procedure from the same clinic to make her double eyelids more prominent.

While the clinic agreed to book a second appointment, the second surgery had even worse consequences than the first.

She soon noticed that she couldn’t fully close her eyes. That meant that she couldn’t even blink!

Li answered in an interview with Pear Video that she has blurry vision.

Even worse was her revelation that the only way for her to sleep was to roll her eyes back.

Li took action against the clinic that had left her in this condition. The representatives of the doctor explained that Li had taken the second double eyelid surgery too close to the first.

As a result, the scars from the initial blepharoplasty had not yet healed when they were operated on again in the second procedure. As the wounds from both surgeries were stuck on each other, the consequences became pretty severe.

Li expressed her infuriation at the clinic’s offer for a third surgical procedure, after botching the first two.

It is very obvious they didn’t do a good job for me. They didn’t make me look better, they made me look worse

The clinic eventually agreed to pay Li a settlement of $4,200, which was more than double what she spent on both surgeries.

And hopefully, this story has a happy ending. The doctors insisted that her eyelids will heal over time, and soon Li will be able to close her eyes.

Source: AsiaOne