Woman Suffers Serious Burns After Man Throws Boiling Hot Soup On Her Face

Her “unhygienic” hair caused his fit of rage.

Restaurant-goers in southern Taiwan were shocked when a man threw a bowl of boiling soup at a woman’s face because her “unhygienic” hair had touched him.


57-year-old Huang became enraged when one of his dinner companions, 33-year-old Cheng, turned around to check her order and her long hair touched his hand. They began to argue and the fight escalated until Huang picked up his hot bowl of soup and splashed it in her face.

CCTV footage sees the two arguing before Huang suddenly bursts from his seat.


The restaurant staff and other patrons sprang into action to stop Huang from farther hurting her. Other customers rushed to help Cheng with her injuries.


An ambulance was called and Chen was diagnosed with second and third degree burns on her face and neck.

Image: AsiaWire

“The soup was boiling hot. I had blisters on my face minutes later.” — Chen


Although Huang said he deeply regrets the “heat-of-the-moment reaction”, Chen has started legal proceedings against him for grievous bodily harm.

Source: Nextshark