Women’s Volleyball Star Kim Hee Jin Lives Every SONE’s Dream While Hanging Out With Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young

Imagine getting to sing with your idol!

Not only is Kim Hee Jin a super popular member of the South Korean Women’s National Volleyball Team, but she also got the chance to live SONEs’ dreams by hanging out with Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young!

Kim Hee Jin | @geurujam_/Instagram

Kim Hee Jin appeared in the latest episode of Breakfast with Tiffany, and she got the chance to hang out with Tiffany.

| Mobidic/Instagram

While the two were hanging out on Kim Hee Jin’s bed, she told Tiffany that she had been waiting for her and called herself a “real successful fan!”  

As they talked, Tiffany and Hee Jin discovered that they have a lot in common, and they bonded over their love of perfume, stuffed animals, and Disney movies.

After Hee Jin said she wasn’t able to see Tiffany in Chicago because she wasn’t able to get a ticket, Tiffany told her that she would personally invite her to the show. As a diehard SONE,  Hee Jin was excited by the thought of a personal invitation from Tiffany.

Hee Jin told Tiffany that she uses Girls’ Generation’s “Way to Go” to pump herself up before playing volleyball, and she asked Tiffany to sing the song for her.

Tiffany actually had two mics with her, so she and Hee Jin sang the song together!

Hee Jin further cemented her status as one of the most successful Girls’ Generation fans by singing the group’s iconic debut song “Into the New World” with Tiffany.

As their time together drew to a close, Tiffany even agreed to go out for drinks with Hee Jin if their video hit a million views.

Looks like Hee Jin may get to live out her SONE dreams even more in the future!

See the full Breakfast with Tiffany episode below to watch Hee Jin and Tiffany hang out.


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