Top Celebrity Couple Won Bin And Lee Na Young Moved To A $6 Million House In Gangnam That They Designed Themselves

A fitting castle for the king and queen!

Won Bin and Lee Na Young, one of the most famous top celebrity couple in the industry, reportedly moved to a new house that’s located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of Korea!

The couple relocated to a single home in Samsung-dong of Seoul. Many tourists will recognize Samsung-dong for its Coex Mall.

Won Bin and Lee Na Young built a new home in Samsung-dong of Seoul and have officially moved in.

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Back in July 2014, Won Bin had received permission from the Gangnam District Office to tear down an old building and construct a 3 story single house in Samsung-dong. The new house has 4 floors in total as it also has a basement. Construction finally finished at the end of 2018 and Won Bin and Lee Na Young officially moved in just recently.


A real estate specialist explained that considering the completely newly constructed house on one of the most prime locations in Seoul, the house will be worth between 5 to 7 billion won ($4.5-6 million won)

Won Bin and Lee Na Young got married back in 2015 and held a quiet wedding in Won Bin’s childhood neighborhood in Gangwon-do. Won Bin hasn’t been active in any new films since “Man From Nowhere” and Lee Na Young had recently finished a drama series and movie. They are both one of the highest-paid celebrities for brand endorsement as well.

Source: YTN