Won Bin revealed to be an expert at real estate investment

New groom, Won Bin, has been revealed to be an expert at real estate investment.

According to an insider from the real estate industry, Won Bin has made a profit of 190 million Won with the changes in the market values of his detached house and building in Seoul.

Last year, the actor bought a house in Samsungdong for 445 million Won and a building in Sungsoodonng for 210 million Won. However, the total value of the two real estate properties is as high as 635 million Won, adjusted to the current market price. In particular, his house in Sungsoodong has positively experienced the area’s jump in average price. Additionally, his house will experience a mark-up in value after the completion of undergoing constructions in the area.

Many field experts have praised Won Bin’s insight in real estate investment. An official commented, “Since Won Bin’s investment in the building, the price has consistently increased more than 90 million Won. The building may be sold for a higher price than that now. With such revenue, there is a high possibility that he has a good real estate counsellor by his side. If that’s not the case, then Won Bin is an exceptional pro.”

Won Bin’s agency, Eden 9, cautiously stated, “We didn’t know about Won Bin’s building investment and reconstruction work. Nevertheless, their newlywed home is at Bangbaedong and even if they are planning to move, it is difficult to confirm since it’s their privacy.”

Meanwhile, the star couple, Won Bin and Lee Na Young, surprised everyone following the May 30th announcement of their secret wedding. The cost of their rather conservative and scenic wedding was revealed to have been 1.1 million Won, or approximately $978 USD, including the ceremony and food cost, which is relatively frugal compared to many top celebrities’ average wedding costs.

Source: Star News