Wonder Boyz releases news about disbandment

Wonder Boyz’s Bak Chi Gi confirms that the group has disbanded through a response to a fan on his Instagram account.

With news circulating about Wonder Boyz’s disbandment, many have begun questioning the members the validity of this statement through their SNS accounts. Among the many messages left for Chi Gi, the member responded to one of his fans, confirming that the speculations about Wonder Boyz disbanding were true.

In his reply, Chi Gi said, “I wish me to consider it and do not speak English well interpreted carefully thought once I’m sorry, but Wonder Boys was disbanded in detail . But why can not tell me you do not have to worry because it is never a bad road or disagreements they made ​​their own wonderful activity and I ‘m also going to do a lot of Wonder Boys fans who really sorry , but their music is not that you want me to watch the end of a warm interest .every one happy new year.”

The four member group under ent102 debuted in 2012 with their song “Open the Door.” A year later, in 2013, Wonder Boyz left a large impression on fans with their hit single “Tarzan,” but have not had a comeback ever since.