Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” Becomes Their First MV To Hit 100 Million Views After 12 Years


Older K-Pop songs seem to be getting a lot of attention these days, and now, Wonder Girls have gained an achievement! It feels like lately, K-Pop videos get 100 million views fairly quickly. However, a lot of the time, it can take years.

| JYP Entertainment

Wonder Girls has finally joined the 100 million views club with the English version of “Nobody”! This achievement comes 14 years after their debut and 4 years after their disbandment. It is their first video ever to reach 100 million views.

The group released the Korean version of “Nobody” in 2008. However, in July of 2009, they wished to expand their U.S. career with an English version of the song. “Nobody” became the first Korean song to enter Billboard’s Hot 100 when it charted at No. 76 in October of 2009.


Celebrate by watching “Nobody” again below!

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