[★TRENDING] Wonder Girls preparing comeback with Sunye and Sunmi?

Speculation of Wonder Girls‘ comeback has once again rise up as a Korean media portal exclusively reports the popular girl group’s preparations.

Sports Donga reports that Wonder Girls will be returning as a 5-member group after three years of hiatus. Though Sohee is no longer part of the group since leaving JYP Entertainment in 2013, they report with speculation that Sunmi will be rejoining the group and Sunye as well.

On June 22nd, several music industry officials told the media portal that Wonder Girls is to be recording their music video soon after recently completing the recording of their new track. As the music video filming is considered the last stage of comeback preparations, it is expected that Wonder Girls release their comeback album as early as July to August.

This album would be considered Wonder Girls’ first album in three years since Wonder Party in June 2012.

Sunmi originally left Wonder Girls in 2010 to pursue further education and was replaced by member Hyerim. In December 2013, Sohee’s contract with JYP Entertainment expired and she moved on to BH Entertainment to focus on her acting career. Soon afterwards, member Sunye married in January 2013 and had her first child in October 2013. Since her marriage, she has been on a hiatus from the group.

There have been several rumors in the past few months regarding Wonder Girls comeback, including one in which Sunye’s uncle revealed that Sunmi would be making a comeback with Wonder Girls in the latter half of the year, though all has been denied by JYP Entertainment. To be more specific, the agency was quoted saying that “nothing was determined yet.”

Ye Eun and Yoobin, additionally, SNS postings have been gaining attention with the two sharing that they are drinking coffee together and were in the middle of practicing. Some have understood that as hints of a comeback.

Source: Sports Donga