Wonder Girls set to host upcoming episode of “SNL Korea 6”

The next artists to host an episode of SNL Korea 6 has been revealed to be Wonder Girls!

On October 2nd, producers of the show revealed, “Following Kim Sang Joong and YB, Wonder Girls will be hosting the October 10th episode of ‘SNL Korea 6.’ Not only will they  make fun of themselves, they will be delivering a lot of laughs through a variety of sketches that will reveal the personalities of each members.”

They continued, “Wonder Girls, who fueled the idol craze in the mid-to-late 2000s from their debut days until now, will be showcase a unique look through ‘SNL Korea 6’ daring tones. Please expect Wonder Girls and their comic acting alongside Shin Dong Yeop, Yoo Se Yoon, and the cast of ‘SNL Korea 6.'”

SNL Korea 6 will be Wonder Girls final activities for their Reboot promotions.

YB’s hosted episode will air on October 3rd while Wonder Girls’ episode will air on the 10th.

Source: Sports Chosun