Wonder Girls’ Sohee Shocks Everyone By Wearing A Winter Jacket During The Hottest Summer In History

It’s the hottest summer in history but Sohee decided to show up in a thick winter jacket!

Former Wonder Girls member, Ahn Sohee shocked everyone when she was recently spotted attending a promotional event dressed in a thick winter jacket!


She arrived dressed in an orange-red parka with an all-white outfit underneath.


Her outfit choice came as a shock since this summer has broken record as the hottest summer in history! Seoul has been hitting 90-100 degrees each day!


Perhaps it was the undeniable heat but her cheeks were flushed bright pink (although she still looked absolutely stunning)!


Netizens were shocked by her choice of outfit and claimed it was probably due to a brand endorsement. Even so, they claimed it was too much for this heat.


But it turns out that Sohee didn’t wear the jacket just for money. The promotional event she was attending was actually for the brand Moose Knuckle that creates winter jackets!


Other celebrities, such as Zion.T, Lee Jae Hoon, and Kim Chil Doo, all came dressed in thick winter coats to fit the dress code!


Ahn Sohee’s fans defended her outfit by claiming they would also dress in winter jackets if they were paid to do so just for a short photo wall!


It seems Moose Knuckle got the publicity they wanted thanks to fashionista Ahn Sohee!

Source: Newsen and CNN
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