Wonder Girls treat fans with “REBOOT” bonus track featuring Sunye and Sohee

Fans were in a for surprise after it was discovered that former Wonder Girls’ members Sunye and Sohee made a special participation in the group’s latest REBOOT release. 

As the CD version of the album were released on August 4th, a day after its online release, fans discovered that a bonus 13th track titled as “20150711 (Talk)” featuring their former members. The track in particular is a bonus track that features the members talking about their daily lives and other things together with Sunye and Sohee.

The track is exclusive only to the physical version of the album.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls returned with a retropop, freestyle, 80s-inspired album and released the music video for their title track “I Feel You” yesterday. They are set to start their comeback promotions this week starting on KBS Music Bank on August 7th.

Source: ReviewStar

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