[★BREAKING] Wonder Girls’ Yenny and 2AM’s Jinwoon dating for 3 years

The latest celebrity couple to be revealed has been Wonder Girls’ Yeeun (Yenny) and 2AM’s Jinwoon!

News broke out earlier today that these two have been in a relationship for three years now! The two developed feelings for each other around 2014. They were both in JYP Entertainment at the time. Jinwoon has since moved agencies, joining Mystic Entertainment at the end of his contract expiration. The two entertainment companies are currently confirming this news with the artists themselves.

Even though the two are now in different agencies, they have continued to keep their relationship going strong. The two were able to share their love of music, composing, and being involved in the entertainment industry to grow together. Both born in the month of May, Yeeun turned 28 years old this year, while Jinwoon turned 26.

 Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Source: Sports Donga