Netizens Demand Idol Break Up With Boyfriend After Shocking Display Of Anger At The “Asian Games” Goes Viral

“That type of violent behavior shouldn’t be tolerated…”

Former Wonder Girls member Yubin is facing calls to break up with her boyfriend after his tantrum at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games (taking place in 2023 due to COVID-19).


On September 25, 112th-ranked Korean tennis player Kwon Soon Woo took on Thailand’s 636th-ranked Samrej Kasidit in a game in which Samrej Kasidit won (2-1).

Kwon Soon Woo | Korea JoongAng Daily
Samrej Kasidit | Bangkok Post

Controversy erupted after the game, however, when the Korean player blew up in anger at the loss and broke his racket after repeatedly bashing it against the court.

To make matters worse, reports revealed that Kwon Soon Woo didn’t shake hands with Samrej Kasidit after the game, which is the most basic form of sportsmanship in sports.

The incident has since gone viral all over Asia, with one reports stating the tantrum has been viewed over 6 million times in China. Kwon Soon Woo’s embarrassing display has also become a hot issue in Korea, as the tennis star is currently in a public relationship with former Wonder Girls member Yubin.

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Netizens criticized Kwon Soon Woo, and many expressed their wish for the idol to break up with the star, citing the athlete’s lack of control over his anger.

  • “It’s her choice, and I know I’m being nosey, but Yubin, don’t marry him.”
  • “I won’t go to her Instagram since it’s her business, but if she was close to me, I would be concerned.”
  • “This tells me everything I need to know. That type of violent behavior shouldn’t be tolerated.”
  • “I mean, this took place during a public match in an international contest.  I’ve only seen people who can’t control their anger in these settings on the news, so I am shocked to see this at an international event.”
  • “I didn’t know they were dating, but Yubin run.”
  • “He even answered questions about his girlfriend when he left Korea, yet this is how he acts, and his girlfriend is being criticized because of him.”
  • “Are they married yet? If not, hurry up and break up.”
  • “If Yubin was my daughter, I’d never let them get married.”

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Source: xsportsnews, south china morning post and theqoo