Wonder Girls’ Yubin Reveals Why She Decided To Leave JYP And Set Up Her Own Label

And this is how Park Jin Young responded.

Former Wonder Girls‘ member, Yubin, appeared on Unnie’s Salon where she revealed more details about her decision to leave JYP Entertainment and set up her own label.

Considering how Yubin has been with JYP since her debut 13 years ago, many wondered how Park Jin Young reacted to her news! Yubin explained that Park Jin Young applauded her as “brave” as not many artists have left the agency to set up their own labels.

He showered her with his support and gave her lots of advice on starting her own business!

I cut ties with JYP for the first time after 13 years.

During the contract renewal season, I debated on it a lot. I wondered if I should continue down this road or commit to a new challenge.

I felt like if I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t be able to do it at all.

— Yubin

Yubin ultimately decided to set up her own company so that she could help other who are pursuing the same dream. With her background as a member of a successful group as well as a soloist, Yubin plans on sharing her expertise with her juniors!

I’ve been a soloist and I’ve been in a group, so I felt I could help others who have similar dreams.

— Yubin

She announced that her newly launched label is called rrr Entertainment! “rrr” stands for “real recognize real”, meaning that real talents recognize other real talents.

As Yubin’s been one of the primary players in paving the way for K-Pop around the world, she plans on continuing her success by using her new label to help the next generation of talented artists!

Source: Newsen