Wonho Drives Fans Crazy By Showing Off His Gains In Sexy Instagram Photo

He may have invented the OG thirst trap.

Last week, Wonho almost gave fans heart attacks when uploading a photo to Instagram that showed everyone what a set of washboard abs truly looks like.

Wonho | @iwonhoyou/Instagram

He even uploaded NSFW photos that had everyone’s jaws dropping over how muscular he is. Wonho is back at it again with another picture that had fans running to get some water after seeing the thirst trap.

Showing off how much his work in the gym and healthy lifestyle have paid off, Wonho uploaded a sexy photo of himself only wearing a towel. Fans’ reactions were just as humorous as you’d expect.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

WENEE were pleasantly shocked over the revealing photo, with one fan hilariously asking the singer for a unique request. That wasn’t the only view that caught everyone’s attention, either.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

Fans even appreciated how toned Wonho’s arms, back, and waist were from a different view.

Whether Wonho’s wearing clothes or a little bit less, no one can deny his dedication to being in shape and looking good while doing it.

Source: Instagram