Wonho Collapsed Onstage But Returned To Finish The Show Successfully

After collapsing in the middle of his concert and being escorted offstage, Wonho managed to finish his performance successfully.

Wonho had fans worried when he collapsed in the middle of a performance during his We Are Young concert—seemingly in pain—and had to be escorted offstage.

We Are Young Concert | @WONHO Official/Twitter

Fans who were at the concert gave updates on Twitter, most of them expressing confusion as to what was happening and, more importantly, expressing their deep concern for Wonho’s well-being.

Fans at the event were told that Wonho himself made the decision to return to the stage to finish his show, which did not lessen their concerns.

Fortunately, it seems that Wonho made a recovery soon afterwards. He came back to the stage feeling better and even successfully finished his performances.

The statement put out by HIGHLINE Entertainment explains that he was treated by a medical professional, and that he continued his performance under medical supervision, so fans can be reassured that Wonho’s health is a priority.

Hello, this is HIGHLINE Entertainment. We have updates on Wonho’s condition.Today, during the concert, Wonho showed signs of hyperventilation. With the help of the security guards, Wonho was safely escorted off stage and taken to the medical staff on set.

Once Wonho received professional treatment, he became stable enough and wished to resume the performance. After a thorough discussion with the medical staff, Wonho went back on stage to continue performing.

Throughout the rest of the event, the medical staff remained on set, keeping a close eye on Wonho’s condition. The concert came to a successful ending.

We would like to apologize to the fans who have been startled by the incident. And thank you so much for your endless love and support for Wonho.

HIGHLINE Entertainment will keep monitoring Wonho’s health closely and furthermore, we promise that we’ll do everything in our power to continue giving him the support he needs.

– HIGHLINE Entertainment.

However, that was not the only thing that caused fans to worry over him during the two-day event, as he had also burst into tears in the middle of singing his song “Weneed,” which takes its name from his fans. Wonho was seemingly overcome by emotion and was unable to sing the whole song, which left fans feeling extremely touched. After all, he is known to have an extremely close and caring relationship with his fans, being one of those idols who never takes them for granted.

Thankfully, Wonho was able to finish his performances successfully, despite everything. He even went on VLIVE to reassure his fans that he was doing OK. Going forward fans will continue to hope that he care for himself and that he doesn’t put too much pressure on himself to perform in bad condition—though, knowing Wonho, this might be a lot to ask for!

A previous version of this article stated that HIGHLINE Entertainment had not yet made a statement. Their statement was tweeted at 2:13pm on November 14th. This article was also updated to match the timeline of events.

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