Fans Are Living For Wonho’s Cutout Pants That Show Off A Risqué Body Part

Fans took a second look to check what they were seeing.

Ever since his debut, solo singer Wonho has been known for his risqué fashion choices that break gender norms. While on his FACADE tour in Europe, he’s been teasing fans with cutout outfits and recently caused fans’ jaws to drop from a particular look.

Wonho | @acnatac/Twitter

During a break between performances, Wonho took a moment to wipe the sweat from his face. When he turned around, fans were in for an unexpected surprise.

Wonho wore a pair of jeans with cutouts right at the top of his butt cheeks.

While some thought they weren’t truly seeing part of Wonho’s backside, fans were quick to prove it by tracking down the pair of jeans.

Wonho was wearing Y/Project‘s “Classic Peep Show Jeans,” which were true to their name with cutouts that showed off the top of someone’s butt cheeks. Being the risktaker he is, Wonho took the look a step further by wearing the jeans without a t-shirt underneath.

Classic Peep Show Jeans. | Y/PROJECT

Even fans had to admit Wonho’s bold fashion choice made a statement.

With a body like Wonho’s, he can pull anything off and make it look good.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram