Wonho Debuts New Video Series, “DJ WONHO’s Special Radio”

It’s a lovely way to bring attention to those whose work often goes unnoticed!

Late last year, Wonho opened his personal YouTube channel, “ohhoho.” Since then, he has uploaded a variety of videos, from mukbangs to exercise and behind-the-scenes videos. Now he has started a new video series: a “visual radio”!

This segment is called DJ WONHO’s Special Radio, and is set up like a radio show accompanied by a video component. For each video, he invites special guests who have worked with him and interviews them, asking various questions about themselves and their experiences working with him!

So far, he has uploaded two videos, the first one featuring the singer-songwriter and producer Brother Su.

Brother Su and Wonho have worked together for many years, since the time Wonho was in MONSTA X. He has writing credits on two songs off Wonho’s latest album, Love Synonym #2: Right For Us.

During the interview, they discussed in depth what it was like to work on the song “Flash,” but also touched upon some lighter, more fun topics!

The second DJ WONHO’s Special Radio video featured dancers Jeon Jongyoung and Yeo Inhwan, who have worked with him since his solo debut.

They started off with a quick run-through of Wonho’s “Ain’t About You” TikTok challenge dance, then talked about filming for Wonho’s most recent title track, “Lose.”

Through these interviews, Wonho is letting fans meet the people who work hard to help him in his career. We’re looking forward to hearing more behind-the-scenes stories and insight on his musical journey!

You can watch DJ WONHO’s Special Radio videos on his official YouTube channel “ohhoho.”

Source: YouTube