Wonho’s Fancafe Removed From Daum’s Official Cafe List Due To Manager Inactivity, Fans Demand Better Treatment

Fans trended #WONHO_DESERVES_BETTER on Twitter to call attention to the matter.

WENEEs (Wonho’s fandom name) called for better treatment for Wonho and trended #WONHO_DESERVES_BETTER on Twitter to call attention to the recent negligence of the artist, sparked by his official fancafe being taken down from Daum‘s official cafe list.

Wonho | @official__wonho/Twitter

Wonho’s fancafe was briefly taken down from Daum’s official cafe list due to inactivity from the fancafe manager. According to Daum, “inactivity” is defined as zero logins for over three months. The fancafe was later restored to its official status thanks to WENEEs rallying together and requesting the account to be reinstated.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

However, the fancafe does not have the “Agency” tag as other artists do, which has left WENEEs confused and upset at Highline Entertainment‘s apparent neglect of the artist.

This incident is only the most recent addition to fans’ list of mismanagement from Highline Entertainment of Wonho, including the lack of promotions for his comeback, the comeback schedule itself, and no interview or radio show appearances, among other things.

Highline Entertainment has yet to respond to the fancafe incident and fan requests.

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