Wonho, Former Member Of MONSTA X, Drops His Solo Debut MV “Losing You”

Congratulations, King!

Wonho, a former member of MONSTA X, has finally dropped his solo debut music video for “Losing You”! The beautiful track is sung in all English as he sings about how it’s more painful to lose someone more than losing himself.

The music video is mostly shot in black and white as Wonho sings in the midst of rain, shattered glass, and a painful phone call.

The scenes also feature Wonho in driving a car flooded in a dark red light.

Another image of Wonho appears caught in the headlights by the Wonho driving the car.

The music video ends with an image of Wonho standing in front of bright white lights, most likely the lightsticks of his fans with MONSTA X.

Check out the full music video below: